Sunday, 3 November 2019


Another backlog piece that I made in a hurry and had no time to post about. It was made for the "Threads without borders" EQA challenge and it got into the Festival of Quilts EQA gallery in summer.

The idea was to represent the Earth as a cosmic ball of yarn, with all sorts of stuff intertwined and brought together so that it cannot be pulled apart.

The hardest thing, as it often happens, was selecting the fabrics to form the gradients of colour for each "strand" so that they finally come together as white. The top is all machine-pieced, so putting it together did't take a long time.

The quilting is also simple, with parallel curvy lines to suggest some sort of yarn texture, and the background is quilted in spirals (which is hard to see in the photos, I know).

I like the way those "strands" draw you into the center, and the fact that they can be interpreted as roads or something else. I don't often do abstract pieces, but this one was fun.

I was lucky to catch it hanging at the Festival of Quilts as a part of the Irish exhibit (each country had three quilts on display). One the one hand,  they looked really cool together and set Ireland apart from the rest of the gallery; on the other hand, mine was definitely the weakest link, as Tomomi's and Paula's ones are brilliant both conceptually and technically.

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  1. Oh I love yours. I wouldn't put it down.

  2. Honestly, I like yours the best.

  3. Stunning, it really jumped off the wall at me and the three together looked so perfect.


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