Here I am with my "Bonfire" one block wonder
Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Olena  (or Lena for short) and I currently live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband and two daughters. 

I grew up and spent most of my life in Kharkov, Ukraine, where I studied to be, and then worked as a teacher of English at the university.

I took up patchwork and quilting when staying at home with my second kid and  thanks to  my wonderful teacher Svetlana Kachalova I fell in love with this art, first studying and then even teaching in her  craft school  Silk Road in Kharkov.

Now that we moved to Ireland I am staying at home again and spend the time while the kids are at school creating patchwork and art quilts and exploring new techniques and means of artistic expression.

I am a member of the Irish Patchwork Society (Eastern branch) and delighted to meet friendly and helpful like-minded people there and take part in the events organized by the IPS.

So, I started this blog to share my explorations and discoveries, successes and failures and to be able to connect with old friends and new. Thanks for visiting, do look around and follow to see further developments!


You can contact me at lena.pugacheva@gmail.com 
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