Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Trade routes

This quilt was made for an exhibition organised by Irish, German and South African quilting societies. The theme was Interchange Threads Connect, and one of my first thoughts was about the Silk Route, after all, it has the interchange, it has the threads, and it has the connect, too. I was thinking of making an appliqué of camels and oriental patterns, but then opted for a more abstracted interpretation that played on the interconnection of land and sea trade routes.

The main thing here is the colour - the contrast between the teals and the golds and the nuances of the various shades. I machine-pieced the top and started playing with the textures.

As you can probably see, I had a great time playing - there's machine quilting, hand quilting, embroidery, beads...

Our International Rep Paula took the Irish part of the exhibition to South Africa and she has some photos in her instagram and the exhibition looks really great, I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's brought to Ireland.

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  1. I like the concept and the product. Love the colors.

  2. Your quilt is exquisite. I love the vibrant swirls of color and the texture provided by the varied stitching and beads. It really captures the feeling of the spices and treasures that were carried on the Silk Route.

  3. Hi Olena. i seem to have missed a lot of your posts. I really love this piece. It has great movement with the curves and the quilting really completes the quilt.

  4. This piece is extremely enticing!

  5. That is absolutely spectacular! Thank you for sharing with us.


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