Monday, 14 October 2019

Meanwhile in the background...

I had a very nice day of stitching with my sewing group on Saturday and managed to do quite a lot with little interruption. I came with the fabrics selected and the idea in my head and went home with the thing quilted and almost bound. but it's not a finish, it's just the background for hand-appliqué .

It's quite small, of course, something like 16'' by 32'', the colourful squares are improv curve piecing on the stack-and-whack principle, the cream ones are just plain and they are going to host the the appliqué.

I used my favourite variegated YLI thread for quilting and had fun with some curvy-blobby-spirally psychedelic shapes in line with the fabric shapes.

I hope it won't take me long to finish the appliqué, so stay tuned.

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