Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Seafloor Sampler

Following the Succulent Sampler, which received very nice feedback, I'll continue posting my 3D samplers.

This one also uses several different techniques for creating 3D elements to show a little underwater scene. To be honest, I don't quite like how the layout turned out, and I might still change it somewhat, but as a technique demonstration, I think it works fine.

It started with a quilted background 12'' square - quilted, logically, with pebbles - in a sandy kind of colour, with a couple of raw edge appliqué pebbles thrown in.

As seafloor generally is, this bit is densely populated. The star of the show is the star fish:

Then there's the seashell in lovely yellow Stonehenge fabric:

A coral (I think it's what's called a "brain coral"):

A couple of different kinds of seaweed:

And - I bet you didn't notice it in the first picture - a little jelly fish:

Well, maybe you still can't see it, but that's often the case with jelly fish. This particular one is made with white organza and netting - very see-through altogether.

I really love playing with these samples, trying out different shapes and variants.

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