Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Succulent Sampler

I'm trying to finish my workshop samples before my college year starts, and I have to tell you, it's a lot of fun. So when I saw that Blogger's Quilt Festival is on, I thought I'd share the fun with everybody!

This is one of the samplers for a workshop on 3D appliqué, and it features several different techniques for creating 3D shapes, all crammed together into a mini quilt 12'' by 9''.

I love succulents and they seem to be trending now (or is it just my Pinterest feed?), so it was fun to try and recreate some of the shapes in fabric. There was a lot of behind-the scenes experimentation, I went through four different versions of the cactus, before I arrived at a variant which is both fast to make and pretty.

Here are the close ups:

The 3D elements are hand-appliqued on top of a completed quilt sandwich with binding. I chose a simple, but bright background and kept it all in an analogous colour scheme.

I think they turned out nice, with all the different shades of green and the little brown pots, and they are easy to make, too.

Do visit the Blogger's Quilt Festival, there are already a lot interesting entries and more are added, as it s open till September 24th.


  1. Amazing! I just love adding 3D objects in quilts :)

  2. what a creative and fun quilt!

  3. The quilt is fabulous! So creative!

  4. I keep looking at this little quilt and admiring your creativity! The three-dimensional succulents are simply fabulous!

  5. Super creative and such a fun quilt!

  6. Nicely executed 3-D elements included with your applique work. Yes, you did have fun!

    LuAnn Kessi in Western Oregon

  7. Awesome work! Love them it’s all inspiring for me.


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