Thursday, 15 September 2016

Rehearsing Crafted Applique

I've set mastering Crafted Appliqué as my challenge and goal for September. Before starting "the real thing" I decided to try it out on some batik scraps, because I'm going to use a batik for my planned project. And to make it the toughest test possible I chose a mini-mini format))

I'm happy to say it worked well on the tiny pieces (the stems are about 1/8'' wide and the petals 1'' by 1/4'', the whole thing in just a bit larger than 6'' top to bottom). The most difficult thing was to finish the mini-mini, binding and everything, instead of starting the new project)))

I chose dark green and light blue scraps, so the subject came naturally - squill, the first flowers to appear in spring on the forest floor, sometimes amidst the remnants of snow (I decided to add some snow after I finished the flowers))). The flowers are almost life-size. I had to fight the temptation to play with different colors, because that would mean pre-treating lots of different scraps, and just stuck with the chosen ones.

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  1. It turned out lovely! I, too, am working on my first crafted applique piece. So far I really like it.

  2. there have been lots of reference on-line to crafted applique but i can not quite figure out what it is. it seems like you cut out the applique pieces and lay them on the background, then stitch them down along with the batting and the backing. Is this correct? What keeps the little pieces in place when you stitch them down? McKenna Ryan has been using this method for years now except she fuses the little pieces to the background and then stitches thru all the layers of batting, backing, etc.
    Your little flowers are very cute and you choose a good set of colors to use.

  3. How delicate and delightful. If this is what you do in mini scale I can't wait to see what you achieve when you move on to a larger project. You certainly look more than ready to me.

  4. It looks wonderful! It's a great idea to test your skills on something small. How many of us would have said, "I'll do a whole quilt!"? I know I have.

  5. This is so beautiful! I have heard a lot about the book and the method! Do you find it easy to quilt on these tiny pieces? My stitches go all over the place when sew on tiny stuff.

  6. Your first one turned out lovely! I haven't heard of crafted applique but am off to google it. It looks like how I do most of my applique but I use fusible. Did you find the small pieces frayed ? That's the only thing I find challenging about this method. Looking forward to seeing more

  7. Your work is so neat. I am awestruck and humbled.

  8. You've made a gorgeous little frame! You chose the perfect fabric for the stems. You have a talent for creating flowers with fabric. :-)
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a good day!

  9. It's a lovely little finish and I admire you for finishing it and not flying on to the next project. Sorry I've missed a few of your posts . I've been avoiding the internet in hopes of getting things done.


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