Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday Morning Inspiration - Landscapes for Curve Piecing

If you find it hard to get in a working mood on Monday mornings, you, like me, probably need some inspiration to get up and going. I look for inspiration everywhere I go, take lots of pictures, but also browse through Pinterest, Flikr and other treasure-troves of photos.

I'm all in the mood for curved-pieced quilts now, working on some new designs and going to test them, so I thought I'd share with you some of the pictures that have those flowing curves that just beg you to sew )). Here are some breathtaking landscapes that can give you ideas for a simple curve-pieced landscape quilt (or maybe a fused one, if you prefer):

I campi attorno Castelluccio di Norcia
I campi attorno Castelluccio di Norcia by Patrizio Pacitti
Just look at the contrast! This one would definitely benefit from some embroidery in the foreground.

Cautious Swimmer. Isle of Harris, Scotland by Michael Blanchette
The sky would need something hand-dyed, or maybe several batiks, which reminds me of a fat quarter pack I bought last week ))

Embroidery again? or look for a nice floral? or use confetti technique? What do you think will work best here?

Stripy cliffs in Segelsällskarpet Fjord, Northeast Greenland National Park by Peter Prokosch
I can't believe this is actually real. Nature is a patchworker, to be sure.

Rolling Hills
Rolling Hills by Terence Lee
Outlandish, but definitely very pieceable ))

Namibia, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei
Namibia, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei by Dietmar Temps
This is real, too. But looks like it's already a quilt)) If the tree is fused - it's an evening's work, but if you choose to piece the whole thing...

So, anybody got inspired? Would you like to create something along these lines? Any ideas on the techniques to use?

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