Thursday, 5 May 2016

From Ireland with Love - a Picture-Postcard Quilt

As if I don't have enough WIPs, I decided to put them all aside for couple of days and make a mini quilt to enter to the EQA challenge on the topic of "Greetings from..." (Ireland in this case), to be exhibited at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August 2016.

I chose the most obvious Irish picture postcard image - green rolling hills and a ruined tower - too obvious for the locals, I guess, but I still feel kind of a tourist here))).

From Ireland with love - a picture-postcard quilt

Here are a few glimpses of the process.

First comes the draft:

Picture postcard quilt draft

The background is machined-pieced and ready for the fun to start:

Machine-pieced background - the stage is set for playing with appliqué

Now, I didn't actually shoot the fun, because it happened after dark)), but the idea was to cut out the "stones", pin them to the tower shape, add a piece of batting underneath and sew/quilt the tower. After the tower was ready I put the batting and backing in place as usual and quilted the hills and sky. It's the trapunto principle that used to make the tower really pop up from the background. I'm not sure the pictures really render that, but it does look 3D to the naked eye ))).

Quilted with trapunto technique applied to make the tower pop up

The rules called for "no visible binding" and for a national stamp to be used in the design, so here it goes. The stamp was painted on a piece of fabric, fused and stitched in place.

Greetings from Ireland - a picture postcard mini quilt (25 by 35 cm)

The final size is supposed to be 25 by 35 cm, but in reality it turned out a bit less, because I hadn't done quilt facing in a while and didn't factor in the way the edge gets turned under (((. Still, there is not much chance for it to get selected for the Festival, maybe it will get to be exhibited locally, which will still be great! Now I have to fill in the form, but I still can't decide on a name for it...

Upd: I've just joined a creative link-up "Off the Wall Friday" at Creations by Nina-Marie. Check out all the beautiful projects there as well as Nina-Marie's own art quilts. I'm awed to be in such a company!

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