Monday, 2 April 2018


Again, an idea I've lived with for some time, since I made my horse quilt, actually, which only came to fruition now, in a couple of days of frantic drawing, tracing, cutting, pinning and stitching in between taking the kids out here, there and everywhere.

This is a series of little horse portraits - curve-piecing samples for a workshop, which incorporate 3d manes to make them come to life.

They are just flimsies at the moment, because this is how I prefer them for the workshops, quilting will add some texture, and the eyes will be brought to life by a couple of strokes of paint or crayons.
The choice of fabrics changes the style completely, from almost realistic to something fairytale-like.

For these two, the manes are made with loosely spun knitting yarn (leftovers from some knitted hats), for the third one, I used felting wool (unfelted in this case, in the horse quilt I felted the manes before stitching them into the seams - they look less natural when felted, but handling is much easier then). I wish I had made it longer, because it did shrink a bit with all the handling. the manes will probably be partially stitched down after quilting, to keep them in place when the quilt is folded, carried or stored.

I got so carried away, I have two more patterns ready, but will have to pause for a while.

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  1. I love those 3D manes! These are great Lena, I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt them.

  2. Love these! They all have such different personalities :)

  3. And there you are. Keeping busy :) They look very pretty!

  4. How neat! I love how they look, especially the manes.

  5. Gorgeous! when and where is the workshop? Hope do one with you someday!


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