Monday, 11 December 2017

Airways or Airwaves?

This Saturday I went to my sewing group meeting. Despite the intense chatting and no less than three tea breaks, it was quite a productive day :)) I managed to cut and stitch all these blocks:

This is intended for my pilot brother, but I suspect it's going to be contested by his little son who is just as crazy about airplanes.  It all started with five fat quarters of aviation themed fabrics and a Shibori layer cake by Moda which were a match made if not in heaven than definitely in the sky.

So, I started with forty 10'' squares and ended with forty 8.5'' ones (if you are more accurate than me, you could probably make them 9''). That makes for a lap-sized quilt about 48'' by 48'', but I'm still contemplating the option of adding some different blocks in different fabrics to boost the size.

I chose improvised curve piecing the "stack and whack" way: you layer four squares on top of each other and make three freehand cuts through all the layers, then mix pieces of the different fabrics and stitch them together. Some of the blocks are circular and other linear. In the photo above you can actually see two blocks which are part of a set of four, I wonder if anybody can spot it ;))  No measuring and no pinning means it goes very fast, but you will have to trim them when you're finished stitching.

There are thousands of ways to put these blocks together, I went for something freeform which reminds me of cloud formations or air currents (you could say water currents if you didn't see the balloons and airplanes). I could spend hours arranging and rearranging them, so they'd better be stitched together soon.

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  1. It looks like a really fun quilt! I love that there's no seams to match up, and the freeflow look of it. The colors are fabulous too.

  2. Your quilt was the first one I clicked on when looking at those linking to Beth's party this morning. This quilt is wonderful.

  3. Very interesting design, so fun not to have to match anything.

  4. Whoa! That must have been so fun going freestyle like that. I would love to do it. THis is turning out cool.

  5. I had to look hard, but I found the matching blocks :) Beautiful blues put together in a fun and funky way! I'm sure your brother and nephew will both love this one!


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