Thursday, 18 August 2016

Little Kitty Village

Here comes the second of the quillows I made for my kids (you can read the full story here).

Once again, it started with a fat quarter with kitties, which I bought in a small shop in Moscow, just for fun - I have no idea what collection it is or what manufacturer or whatever. Its colorway is somewhat peculiar for my taste, but it had to be my starting point.

It's a twin (though not identical) to the Little Puppy Village, but I chose a different quilting pattern to see how it goes (you know how scientists jump at a chance to conduct experiments on twins?)

I think I like this quilting better, and there is also less of it, so this quilt seems fuller and warmer than the other one (on the other hand, I love the colors on the puppy quilt more; as for the girls, they both love cats more than dogs, but the little one is more dogged, so she proclaimed the kitty quilt her own))).

And again, a pillowcase to match:

We were lucky to get a glimpse of sun this afternoon, so we had a little photo session with the quillows. The girls are wearing matching kitty fabric dresses that I made for them a couple of years ago (love raglan sleeves - they make a garment fit anyone, regardless of size)))

The Puppy quilt (as well as the Goldfish) is in the Pets of Quilts show, which is still running at Lily Pad Quilting, I can't enter the kitties, because there's a limit of two per person, but the show is still on, so you can check it out (there are beautiful pet-themed quilts as well as lots of fluffy cuteness) and also enter (there's a chance to win some wonderful prizes too!)
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  1. Very fun quilts. Looks like the girls love both of them.

  2. The quilts are adorable and so are your daughters!

  3. What enjoyment both you and your daughters get from these projects. So cute, too!

  4. Such a cheerful and pretty quilt. And your girls are adorable.

  5. Absolutely love your quilts and your daughters are precious!

  6. Cute quilts! Your daughters' pictures are so fun!

  7. Very cute idea for the quilts!

  8. Hi Olena, what a great idea. It looks like those quilts will be loved!

  9. Your daughters are charming with their pretty dresses. And both quilts are equally beautiful. I wouldn't know which one to choose.
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. I wish you a good week!

  10. Absolutely ADORABLE photos of your girls with the quilts you made them! The pillowcase is so sweet too.

  11. Such lovely quilts, so clever. Your girls look delighted with them, lovely pictures. they look like they are having great fun.


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