Friday, 8 July 2016

Flashback Friday - Violets

I missed the Throwback Thursday at Quarter Inch from the Edge yesterday, so let's make it Flashback Friday and still join the link up to share another pre-blogging time quilt ;))

violets quilt

This is my third quilt, I think and the first art one (my first quilt design, too if you think of it). I certainly wasn't planning on making an art quilt at that stage, I was still taking my patchwork course and finishing my first sampler (the one I wrote about last month). The craft school where I was taking the course occupies a small room with a large window facing south - which is nice in winter, but not so much in summer)) And of course our teacher couldn't bear the thought of store-bought curtains or blinds)) so she called on students past and present to make 15 cm blocks out of a bag of polyester fabric scraps. The response was great and the curtain was soon finished:

patchwork curtain

See the pink flower in the middle? That's mine)) (Actually, I made nine blocks for it all in all). The flower was the "African violet" block that i saw on the Internet somewhere without any instructions  or description. I just "reverse engineered" it and tried it out with some green and purple scraps I had.

violets quilt

Originally, I intended to make those two blocks into potholders to be given as an 8th of March present  to somebody, but then I decided to make more of them. As I didn't have any of the same fabrics left, I used other shades of green and purple - everything I could find at the moment. The violets formed a nice frame, but I still had no idea what to put inside the frame.

violets quilt

The idea of a vintage flower girl appeared slowly, at first I thought it too ambitious for my skill level - but it just wouldn't go away! So I looked through tons of vintage cards on Pinterest to find a simple enough picture, and all of them were "not quite what I want", so I made the drawing myself. The hand appliqué wasn't as hard as I feared, painting the face was more scary, but I had made fabric dolls with painted faces before, so it was more or less familiar.

violets quilt

I also decided to make the violets in the basket with ribbon embroidery, because it seemed the easiest way for this scale. I have never used ribbon embroidery in quilts since, I think I should try it again)).

Finally, I decided to try my newly acquired skill of FMQ on this quilt - you can see how wobbly the quilting is, but I was still proud!

violets quilt

I finished it in time for the mini exhibition that was held in our craft school to celebrate the Easter 2014

easter quilt show

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  1. This is so sweet--and I really like how your quilting enhances the theme of the African Violet blocks. The details and facial expression on the little girl are amazing. I don't know much about ribbon embroidery, but it is such a special touch on this quilt. That curtain is amazing, too. What a neat idea for dressing up a window. How were all those blocks attached to each other?

  2. Very interesting. I think your quilting looks good

  3. I love how the quilting softens the hard angles of the flower blocks. And the face on that wee girlie? Incredible. Faces are so tricky. Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!


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