Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Unbearable Lightness

My first hand-quilted piece is finished!

EPP quilt

It has been a fun journey that started with a piece of fabric with bubbles on it, which I bought just because I liked the colors and for a long time could'n figure out what to do with. I didn't want to cut it up into small pieces))

The next step was playing with triangle-graphed paper, sketching some possible designs for English paper piecing. When I drew a couple of intersecting circles, they reminded me of bubbles and I immediately thought of that fabric. After finalizing the design and choosing the rainbow fabrics, I started the EPP. It's interesting to consider that all in all in this project I used freezer paper in three different ways, and each time it made the process so much easier. I think I'll have to write a special post about it ;))

EPP quilt

Anyway, the finished EPP shape was appliquéd to the pieces of background and then I thought (as I wrote previously) that it had so much handwork in it already that it would be a shame to machine quilt it. Thus, I embarked on my first hand quilting adventure. I decided to quilt circles in variegated thread - another way to represent bubbles (which makes it a triple bubble quilt - I first wanted to name it Double Bubble, but the quilting ruined the pun)))

english paper piecing quilt
This photo has more shadows and so the quilting relief is more visible

Even while I was quilting I started looking for a suitable binding - something that wouldn't "promote" just one of the colors, but would have some variation and some fun in it as well. I had no luck in several shops until I decided to visit a sale at Fabric Matters, a nice little shop in the opposite end of Dublin from where I live))) The trip was well worth it, as I not only found the perfect binding for this quilt, but also binding for another WIP and generally stocked up on beautiful fabrics for planned projects at a discount, which just warms my heart)))

english paper piecing quilt

Here is another view with more shadows, to make the quilting stand out. See how the binding picks up the colors from the background? It has almost all of the colors in the quilt, except orange. By the way, the stitch that attaches the binding on the right side is the only machine stitch in the quilt, in the back the binding is hand-stitched))

I think I'll call it "Unbearable Lightness", though it's not final yet.

So, now I'll link it up to Let's Bee Social and Fabric, Thread and Yarn and on to work at another near-finish.



  1. I love the name Olena and I love the piece. Especially the hand quilting...not that the hand quilting is more special than the pattern and piecing it's just that you hardly see hand quilting anymore . I love it.

  2. Bubbles Bubbles everywhere, but not a drop to drink....Willey Wonka

  3. At first I didn't realise the link between your quilt name and the quilt itself. But, with all the bubbles, it makes sense. :-) It's nice to see your finished quilt. Beautiful. And to know that it was almost totally made by hand. It makes it even more precious.
    I'm curious about the three ways you used freezer paper. I've never used it myself.

  4. Lovely! The colors are great and I love the quilted bubbles with variegated thread. So very pretty!!


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