Here are some of the art quilts (wallhangings) I have made:

The Sail, 2018: machine-piecing and appliqué, FMQ

Indian Elephant, 2018: machine piecing, FMQ

Nordic Christmas, 2017: machine piecing, FMQ

"Linger On", 2017, 146x95 cm, machine piecing, FMQ

"A Binary opposition", 2017, 42x58 cm. Hand quilting, hand embroidery, fusible appliqué

Scraps of Summer, 2017: 16'' by 35'',  raw edge appliqué, FMQ

horses quilt
We and I, 2017: 36''x64'', machine piecing, felting, FMQ

dragon quilt
Lily the Dragon, 2017: 31'' by 50'', ticker tape (machine appliqué), FMQ
Dance of the Goddess, 2017 - 90x100 cm, FMQ appliqué

The Meadow Quilt, 2017 - EPP, applique, FMQ 

Sunflower, 2016 - curve piecing, FMQ

Christmas Wreath, 2016 - crafted appliqué, FMQ, 50x50 cm

Winter Forest Friends, 2016 - machine pieced, machine quilted

Poinsettia - 2016, curve piercing, FMQ, 85x107 cm

Natural History - 2016, QAYG, FMQ, curve piecing, fabric crayons, 73x109 cm

A Study in Scarlet and Bordeaux, 2016 - ice dyed fabric, FMQ, fabric crayons

curve pieced quilt
Magnolias, 2016 - machine pieced, FMQ

houses quilt
Little Kitty Village, 2016 - machine pieced, machine quilted

Goldfish, 2016 - machine pieced, FMQ

Beach Extravaganza
"Beach Extravaganza", 2016 - hand appliqué, FMQ

 EPP, hand appliqué, hand quilting
"Color of Lightness, Color of Joy", 2016 - EPP, hand appliqué, hand quilting

Road without End, curve pieced quilt
Road without End, 2016 curve piecing, FMQ

Fallen by the Wayside by Olena Pugachova, 2016
Fallen by the Wayside, 2016 - raw edge appliqué, FMQ

"Baikal", stained glass quilt
"Little Lady's Wardrobe", wall quilt with pockets, hand appliqué 
"Pasque flower", machine pieced, FMQ
"Waltz of the Flowers", hand appliqué, machine- and hand-pieced, FMQ

firebird quilt
Firebird, 2015 - raw edge appliqué, FMQ

"Bonfire", one-block-wonder quilt, machine pieced, FMQ

"Fall Forest", confetti (or"pizza") quilt

"Silent Night", machine pieced, machine quilted

"Violets", machine-pieced, hand applique, ribbon embroidery, FMQ

You can find more of my quilts on my Pinterest board. Please drop by, have a look and follow!

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