Friday, 18 August 2017

The Big Finish

I want to start this post by expressing my deepest admiration for people who make bed-size quilts on a regular basis. People, you're heroes! So far, I've only made four large quilts, and every one has been an Endeavour. This is the latest one, the finally finished one block wonder:

If you're interested in the process, here's the full journey:
post 1
post 2
post 3

Because the quilt is destined for my daughter's bed, I decided to pull out the bright colours for the border, rather than the grey, and you may say the border is too bright for the middle - I won't argue. The magenta fabric, by the way, comes from the fabric dyeing workshop held last summer at the IPS Eastern Branch. It's the so-called low immersion dyeing and I think its irregular colour works well with the quilt.

I had a difficult time choosing the quilting pattern, considering that I do the quilting on my domestic Janome. I ended with a  rather simple allover flower pattern, which is almost invisible on the busy middle and comes out on the border.

I have written before that the fabric used in the quilt is satin, and it didn't behave well in piecing. The same was true in quilting, I had a hard time making it lie flat, and there are some glitches in the back, but it has a nice shimmering texture, especially with this kind of quilting.

The quilt also turned out difficult to photograph, because the satin surface is highly reflective, so I'll try to take some better photos (some day).

At the moment I'm happy to have the Big Summer Project off my shoulders, which means I can start something new!

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  1. Gorgeous! I can't imagine quilting with satin fabric, but you did a beautiful job. Great finish!

  2. Hi Olena,
    What a beautiful quilt. You did a nice job on quilting it, in spite of any hassles it gave you. I have never worked with satin on a whole quilt, but I can imagine it was hard to reign in. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Great big huge project completed- hurray for you! I love the OBW and have made 4 of them with one cut out and fabric for another.

  4. Beautiful quilt! I love the color palette and the quilting. Very nice work!

  5. This is amazing! The colors and design are so beautiful. Love the quilting...its again...beautiful!

  6. So satisfying to finish a large project, especially one that had some challenges! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  7. Beautiful quilt, I love your quilting! Good for you for sticking with it!

  8. Oh, no. I think the two borders are PERFECT! I would have gone with bright colors, too! Now I definitely want to make a one-block-wonder.

  9. I just bought one of the OBW books and found your site while looking for tips, so thank you for your tips and congrats on a beautiful finish!


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