Wednesday, 28 June 2017

One Block Wonder Takes Shape

It's been a long time since I did any quilting and, consequently, blogging, but now I have a little break in my studies and want to finish some UFOs.
The first thing I started with is the one block wonder quilt started as demonstration pieces for my workshop. I finished the second batch of the blocks and spent a couple of hours yesterday playing with the layout.

It's going to be a bedquilt for my daughter's bedroom, so I knew I wanted the purples, the focus colour, to go in some sort of diagonal from the corner which is going to be closest to the door. The photo above was the first preliminary layout, and then I shuffled and reshuffled the blocks for ages. I wonder if anyone can spot the changes ;)))

If by any chance you have nothing better to do, you can play the game "spot N differences between two identical pictures".
I think I should better get sewing, otherwise I will want to rearrange them again - I can see a couple of "odd men out" in the last photo that I didn't see yesterday.

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  1. Great blocks and your daughter is a lucky girl!

  2. Love those colours. Very grown up taste your girl has:)

  3. Love those colours. Very grown up taste your girl has:)

  4. I think that sometimes we can rearrange blocks for ever and ever. No matter which layout you go with this quilt is a winner.

  5. This quilt is fabulous. I LOVE your layout❣ Just when I decided that I didn't need to do another kaleidoscope quilt, I see this amazing quilt pattern. I love having flexibility in patterns so I'm really tempted snd I have the perfect fabric. ��

  6. I love how you rearrange two or three blocks and the focus shifts!

    1. Exactly, playing with the blocks is the most interesting part of one-block-wonder quilts, but you have to stop somewhere :))


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