Saturday, 9 July 2016

Who Took the Candy?

If you remember I wrote some time ago about the lovely fat quarter bundle from Love Fabric shop that I won in the Rainbow Rose QAL link-up. It was very nice but different in style from most fabric in my stash, so I challenged myself to make something using just that bundle. Well, between this and that, I did it:

The fabrics are by Dashwood Studio and the collection is called "Cotton Candy", which prompted the direction of my thinking))) The geometric patterns in the fabrics called for simple shapes. I quickly sketched two basic candy shapes, but then had to spend a lot of time doing and redoing the maths to make sure I had enough fabric. Initially, the candies were spaced out more, but that called for more background fabrics. In the bundle I had three "accent color" FQs, three "background" FQs and one "binding" FQ, so that's what I had to play with. Finally, the maths worked out and I had enough fabric and very few scraps left.

It's called "Who Took the Candy?" and it looks suspiciously like a baby quilt. As I can't see any babies coming on the horizon it's been folded up and put away for the time being)))

I think the pattern and the idea would be clearer on a solid background, but this busy one has some kind of charm to me. kids + candies = mess)))

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was tired of FMQ and decided to try out walking foot quilting (which is my July OMG). So, after long deliberation I decided to quilt it in a spiral centered on the "missing" candy. I only marked the beginning, so it gets wonky as it unwinds, but I really didn't care much - I just wanted to relax and stitch on)) The thread is light turquoise, the softest of my accent colors.

The quilting lines are 1'' apart, so it's very soft and cuddly with 80/20 cotton/poly batting. I did all the quilting in one sitting, which is something unheard of for me)) And generally, this came together so fast, compared to my recent art projects! Can I be officially called a modern quilter now? ...please?)))

Oh, and note the funny flamingo fabric that I found for the back! Didn't take a separate picture of it, but you can get the idea))

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  1. Hi Olena: It's official you are a modern quilter now! This is a wonderful design. I'm impressed that you kept reworking the math to get a quilt out of just that fabric. The design comes across quite well with the patterned background.

  2. I know what you mean about the busy prints, but -- can I just say that the busy background fabrics and the big candy shapes remind me of an exploded piñata with all of the confetti, piñata debris, and candy scattered on the ground. It's a great baby quilt and it will be so nice to just whip that out next time you need a shower gift. Congrats on your finish and on trying something new with your walking foot!

  3. I fully understood the name of your quilt when I saw that there was indeed a candy missing. lol I like your quilting. It offers a nice contrast to all those motifs. I applaude your mathematical mind. :-)

  4. This is such a cute design and I love that you used only the fabric in the bundle. I think the busy-ness of the background prints add to the whimsy and fun of the quilt. This is a wonderful finish! Thanks so much for sharing this on Main Crush Monday!

  5. Lovely! And the cutest model to show it off.

  6. What a fun version! As soon as you said you had made a baby quilt using candy, I was excited to come see. I like how from the distance the background fabric looks a bit like confetti.


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